In line, on line.

February 23, 2024

ign joseph luxury clothing and fashion from italy factory

In mathematics there is a distinction between a linear progression and an exponential one. People age and earn a wage whose incremental increase is gradual and uniform, in most cases. On the other hand compound interest grows exponentially, rapidly exceeding the rate of other financial indicators.

In manufacturing one talks of a line of products, like a family’s lineage. Each product in a line has something in common, either its function or its basic configuration. When something appears coherent or compliant one may say that it is in line. North Americans line up and break into lines rather than busting queues.

When something has started, especially if it is connected to upstream or downstream processes, but also if it is just plugged into a power outlet on the wall, it goes “online”. In order to grasp the depth of a tradition it is helpful to trace its origins. Unlike most Western language dictionaries— here the contrast between the Oxford English Dictionary and the Duden manuals of the German Bibliographisches Institut is exemplary— etymology is an ordinary part of the standard English language dictionary. Although the perplexing English orthography was set more or less in the 15th century, the changes in vocabulary and usage have been enormous. So the history of a word may be an important part of understanding when and how to use it.

An a firm established to preserve and promote the original artisanal clothing skills by developing and selling attire in which those attributes are easily recognised and appreciated, every modification whether in product or business process, has been subjected to historical examination. Before a stylistic or commercial decision is made, the authenticity and coherence with the spirit of IGN. Joseph is assessed. Our customers should continue to recognise our origins even in the most extravagant modernisation. Our lineage as well as our growth model are linear, others might say organic. The decision to go “online” is in line with our philosophy of clothes. We are plugging into the power sources of modern commerce, like those who relied on sail or rail before us. However our tradition is artisanal, made by human hands. IGN. Joseph Elegance online is designed so that the work of those hands continues to be effortlessly accessible to our customers.

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